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Termite Extermination

Termite Problems in Hartford, Tolland, Windham Counties and Surrounding Areas

Wood destroying insects.

Termites: Here in Connecticut we have subterranean termites.

Theses termites nest underground where the queen produces thousands of wood devouring insects eating up to a foot of 2×4 per year.

Our advanced termite baiting system will target the queen and eliminating the colony.

Carpenter ants: carpenter ants are Connecticuts largest ant species.

Big black ants invade the home and seek out wet or decaying wood to hollow out to nest in. These wood destroying pests set up shop and can multiply quickly making them very formidable.

I use the industry leading EPA approved product that specifically targets these aggressive ants.

Carpenter bees: These bees are commonly mis identified as a bumble bee.

The two are very similar in looks, but not in purpose. These large bees drill holes into your homes wooden trim and eaves. They nest in the wood by burrowing out a tunnel into a gallery.

These wood destroying bees also attract the woodpeckers who are looking for a meal. Woodpecker damage can be not only unsightly but expensive to fix. If treated early and correctly, we can keep these bees away from your house.

Powder post and other wood infecting beetles: these beetle species infest and destroy your home from the inside out. Early detection is the key to stopping them in their tracks.

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